Bitte Print

All in på Bitte Print,

Ja, så blev det idag.

Både byxan och cardigan i samma print. Allt från Bitte Kai Rand.


Silver smycken till.


Favorit heelsen från Zara.


Skulle kunna ha dom i alla färger…så sköna är dom. Har dom i en blå färg också.


Gråa naglar.

  1. hello eddie,
    last night I found your blog, I was sitting till 03.30h to my laptop… always on your fashion-blog, I love, love, love your fashion very much, you are my inspiration pure!!!!!
    I am from vienna/austria and the fashion here is not soooooo beautiful, the austrian women are not so inspired…..
    please, please, can you show more fashion vor cold winterdays????
    thank you so much for all!!!!!
    best greetings

    1. Thank you so much sweetie, so nice to hear that. I’m also on Instagram, eddiefischer, Nice evening to you

    2. Dear Liane,
      I will try to show you more, right now we actually have some snow. Tomorrow you will see on a new blogpost.
      Best regads


  2. dear Eddie,
    thank you so much, wie also have some snow and it’s very cold in vienna 🙁
    I’m looking forward tomorrow and will be very happy…:-)
    we also have h&m and zara! Tomorrow I go in the city to look for clothing of your inspirations, I hope I will find something!!!
    A very nice evening, sleep well

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